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Teach Our Routines & Workshops

Welcome to our NEW Teach our Routines option giving you the instructor even MORE choices and flexibility with us.

Our Monthly and Single Routine License option offers the benefits of being an independent instructor whilst having permission and access to use someone else's work.

Because Burlesque is not a regulated profession it also allows those who feel they already have the necessary skills and qualifications to teach burlesque to bypass our training program and still have access to us.

You can teach our routines, our workshops and our courses to your customers as long as your license with us is active, whilst having the flexibility and freedom of also teaching your own work.  You can even opt in for our routine exchange or offer routines to our library and be paid for it as part of our business collaboration opportunity.

So let's break this down a bit more.

To License with us means that whether or not you complete our training program we are giving you permission to teach our routines, masterclasses and workshops as part of your independent classes BUT certain T&C apply.

So how does it work?

You have 2 choices you can sign up to a monthly membership and have access to our whole class library to dip in and out of OR you can pay per routine / workshop / course you want license access and permission to teach.

For those that opt for a monthly license you then have freedom to what routines / courses you teach.

This is what makes our new set up so much more appealing - no restrictions.

The agreement will cover things like, we do not take any responsibility for you or your customers. That it is up to you to ensure you are suitably qualified and insured for the work you deliver. That you do not have permission to perform any of our work without obtaining written permission and you do not have permission to pass this content on to others and that you must give credit to the choreographer should you post anything on social media in relation to the work you are about to teach or have just taught including sharing any videos.

Example.....Shout out to my burlesque beauties here in Maidstone for truly embracing this dark diva routine Blow choreographed by Belladonna Wilde from the Lets Burlesque brand. We loved dancing to it and we are grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with them / work with them....You get my drift

You can see it's not anyone trying to steal anyone's clients or work.

It's about uniting together and saying hey, there are enough fricking people in the world for us all to have a place and it's about being a true and genuine artist by offering credit where the credit is due and working together.

We are celebrating and respecting each other and we believe when you can truly embrace that, DAM that is true beauty!

Please note with the monthly License there is a minimum of a 6 month initial sign up & then after that you will default to a 30 day rolling agreement. You will NOT have to pay any additional fees for routines BUT you will have to pay for any additional Courses / Workshops you wish to take part in yourself or go on to teach.

What opportunities are available to me IF I License with the Lets Burlesque Team?

If you decide to join our License membership then we offer other ways for you to top up your income and work with us as a collaborator.

  • Become a party Host

  • Run ad hoc workshops and events for us or we can come run them for you as a contractor

  • Earn money from our Instructor Bonus Incentive program

  • Your customers can access our routines membership to practice outside of class at at discounted price.

  • Add your additional specialist services to our library

  • Get paid to create routines & workshop content for the brand


So what do I get for my money if I License with you?

  • Your music & Choreography to teach your classes

  • Your license to teach using our brand

  • Tutorial videos & full routine & instructor notes

  • new routines uploaded every 4-6 weeks

  • An app to manage your classes, bookings & customers *

  • Your class listed on our website and all other public domains *

  • admin & overall management support *

  • ongoing team training and class development *

  • Ongoing personal development training *

  • Ongoing Burlesque development training *

  • additional coaching & social media posts & support

* Depending which License package you sign up to.

So whether you just need the odd routine for when life gets crazy and you don't have the time or energy to create your own one or whether you want regular routines the flexibility allows you to pick and choose how much of our work you want to use and teach.

It's really important to note that this is only available to individual and independent instructors.

This option is not allowed for groups of people, schools or organisations where more that 1 person is wanting to teach our work. If you would like to discuss setting up a group or organisation agreement then please get in touch and we can look to set one up.

So in a nutshell there you have it!

If you still have more questions you are welcome to get in touch with us or request a 15 min 1-2-1 zoom call with our company owner HERE

However if you are ready to get started or see prices....

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