We offer TASTER sessions for NEW customers only for £5.00 per person 

Taster sessions run on week 1 of each new routine 

This is an opportunity to come and try a class before you commit to a full 4 week course

If you decide you like what we do and what to join us you then have 2 options

PAYG Courses OR Monthly memberships


PAYG Courses means you simply book and pay for each 4 week course you want to attend 

No refunds or transfers for our PAYG courses


Memberships are for customers who want to join us weekly ongoing and really throw themselves into this sassy, self development and tribe building class. 

Membership benefits are £5.00 off each 4 week course, a minimum of £5.00 our events and workshops as well as early booking opportunities to our workshops and events

*For every routine we teach we also have the tutorial videos so that you can practice, practice, practice anytime, anyplace and with friends. Please note access to our video library with access to ALL of our routines including the tutorials on how to learn the routine is only available with certain memberships and can be found under the 'Members Video Library Tab'.

**Freedom pass & VIP Pass have been created at our customers request as most of them love to attend more then 1 class a week.

This means you can attend more than 1 class a week as long as it's with the same instructor,

for this reason you must ensure your instructor teaches more than 1 class a week before signing up**

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