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Frequently asked Questions

Who can be an instructor?

The answer is short, anyone who genuinely wants to, no previous experience is necessary as our course will teach you everything you need to know to get up and running and then the rest comes from experience and practice.

What's the training process?

So first we give you a routine to learn and then we teach you how to break it down and deliver it to your customers whilst taking all the health & safety implications on board to deliver a fun, sassy and safe class.

We educate you on how our classes are delivered over a 4 week program

And we educate you on health conditions like asthma and pregnancy and how to manage these during your classes.

Lastly we then do a class assessment to allow you to demonstrate you have understood the concepts of teaching and will be able to go on and teach under our brand in a safe but fun way.

After completing the practical assessment we then move onto some theory training, how to set up your classes and assess their profitability and also training on our app to allow you to manage your classes and customers.

How long does the training course take?

Well that depends on you. We have had people complete the whole course in 6 weeks before but generally most people take 2-3 months.

It is a requirement by us that the practical assessment is taken within 3 months of signing up and that your first class is up and running within 6 months of signing up.

What's the cost of the course?

The distance learning course is £195.00 and the face to face courses are £275.00 with a minimum of 3 people per course required for it to run

Payment is sent via an invoice or Payment link for a transfer. Payment plans of 2 or 3 instalments are also available, practical course content will not be sent out until 50% of the fee is paid and the 2nd part of the course sent out upon full payment received.

Is there anything else to pay our for?

All instructors are required to hold a first aid certificate (price can vary for these from £30 - £100) and whilst we don't offer this as part of your course we can offer some suggestions of where you can complete this. If you work for an organisation where you already hold a first aid certificate we will also accept this.

All instructors are also required to hold valid public liability insurance which usually costs in the region of (£45 - £65 Per Year) again we don't provide this but we can advise you of reputable companies to try.

Whilst you don't need these to start your training you will need both these before you can start teaching unsupervised.

As per the above video you will have your monthly instructor license fee to pay for details on this and what you get included as part of that fee can be found here

How do we get paid?

Well that's up to you, customers pay you directly so you tell us how you want to be paid and we will assist that.

Here's what our recent instructors have said about our training courses


"What I loved about this Instructor course was I could do the training in the comfort of my own home. I had many video calls and telephone calls with Lindsay so I felt like I had all the support I needed. My assessment was still face to face with Lindsay which I liked because it meant even though I wasn't local to her she took the time to drive to me & I got to meet her in person even though we had spoken on many many occasions"


“What I loved about the online training programme was I could work it around my daytime job and family and Lindsay was flexible with exam day, so I could do it whilst the kids were at school.”


"I loved the tutorial videos, I felt like everything I needed was covered. I could put them on the background whilst I was folding washing, doing housework"


I was so, so grateful for the whole social media training and all the trackers that were provided. I wouldn't say I'm very confident with Social Media other than the normal so this part of the training really helped me look at social media from an advertising point of view with out feeling like I was selling at must have worked because my first routine was FULL


"What I love about Lindsay is her dedication to us as instructors, her dedication to help us continue to improve or own skills, develop and grow within the company and even express ourselves with creating our own routines (which I got paid for).  With the opportunity to develop into parties & workshops & events I am now earning more now working less hours than I did in a standard Monday to Friday average minimum wage job" thank you.


Any questions or queries or if you'd like to arrange a video call with our company owner please do not hesitate to

 contact head office 


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