This page is for people who want to book a FULL 4 week course OR book a taster session

The list is in TOWN alphabetical order

and we also have a timetable pictured below


The Dates you see in our Calendars are indicating the START of a NEW routine

Each course is a 4 week routine and prices shown are for the FULL 4 week course

We do offer TASTER sessions for NEW customers only for £5.00 per person 

Taster sessions run on week 1 of each NEW routine 

This is an opportunity to come and try a class before you commit to a full 4 week course


We do have Memberships available for those who enjoy their class and want to attend regularly, who want to SAVE MONEY on our classes and workshops AND get access to our routines video library*

*For every routine we teach we offer  tutorial videos so that you can practice, practice, practice anytime, anyplace and with friends.

So if your poorly and have to miss a week you can catch up at home

You can practice in-between classes

And you can get your hands on some non burlesque workouts as well

For more information on this please head to our memberships section 

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Classes & Taster sessions

A video explaining how to navigate our booking system

Feel the Part & LOOK the part.
Why not get your hands on some of our clothing to really help you look the part. 
This can be personalised or standard
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