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Help Setting up your classes

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This course is designed to help guide independent instructors when setting up their class and help them ensure they don't forget anything. It also includes an number of templates and forms for you to download and either use as it is OR tweak to suit yourself & put your own logo on Included in this course you will find.... payment suggestions along with the pros & cons we have experienced A customer booking form with health questionnaire Class attendance & Finance tracking Document A venue risk assessment template A venue profitability check spreadsheet An Accident & Injury Form template Some tips and advice about finding the right venue Some routine planners Some Lesson Plan Templates A helpful set up checklist that you can download or print to work through. This course is part of our coaching services and is available to BOTH instructors who license with us and instructors who do not license with us. Simply pay, play and go. If you are on our monthly Routines, Bookings and coaching program this course is included FREE as part of your plan. If anything isn't working or looks like something is missing or out of date please pop us an email and we can double check. Happy learning!

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