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Grow your Classes & Business Coaching

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This section is included for ANYONE who would like ideas for growing their classes using both social media and non social media ideas. It is also where we will offer additional business coaching tips and tricks to help you succeed in your business / side hustle and stand out from neighbouring classes / businesses. You do not have to be a Burlesque instructor or teaching Lets Burlesque routines to benefit from this coaching programme you just have to be pay the course fee. Once you have paid you will have continuous access AND any new content will be added for you WITHOUT any further charges. However each time we add more content the course price WILL increase so the sooner you grab it the more money you will save. This section will be PDF's , training videos and business coaching tips & suggestions to help you grow your classes including Social Media and content creating Ideas on your social platforms. The thing with social media is it is fast paced and ever changing. We will continue to add new tips, tricks and training when we are aware of anything we feel may help. We wont delete any of the old stuff as we go in case any of it helps or you want to try it out. with social Media there is no one size fits all so we will provide as much information, training and content creation ideas as possible and then let you decide and try out what looks appealing to you. Please remember if there is anything you would like to request please just let us know.

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