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Instructors Beginners Burlesque Large Fan Course

  • 16Steps


Welcome to our Instructors Burlesque Large Fan Online Course. Learn the art, beauty & techniques of these exquisite show props. Suitable for beginners and those still learning AND you can learn and practice from anywhere in the world. This course comes with: - The course content tutorials - 16 Modules covering 22 fan moves - A warm up Stretch - A self care module for you and your fans - The Instructor Video - A teaser video you can download and share We also have a number of fan Burlesque routines we offer to compliment this course. Terms & Conditions of Purchase: - This routine is included in Workshop Video memberships OTHERWISE it can be purchased as an individual License. - You only have to purchase the course once, then you will continue to have permanent access & consent to use. - The use of this routine is for Teaching purposes only and does not cover public performances or shows. - No one is allowed to post more than a total of 60 seconds of our choreography anywhere either as a single video or a group of videos. - Anyone found to be teaching or passing off our routines as their own work unlawfully will face legal action and a fine.

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