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Instructors Burlesque for beginners workshop

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This is the Burlesque for beginners workshop & routine and comes with 3 hours worth of tutorial content for you to work with to create a a fun and enticing workshop for people. This workshop is designed to show them what the world of Burlesque is all about. Show them some of the key moves and fun prop peels then sending them home wanting more. You will have: - The course content - Warm up set up which incorporates most of the course content built in - The Dance routine for them to practice their new learn skills - A Tutorial for the routine - The Instructor Videos - The Dance routine music track - A teaser video you can download and share Terms & Conditions of Purchase: - This routine is included in Workshop Video memberships OTHERWISE it can be purchased as an individual License. - You only have to purchase the course once, then you will continue to have permanent access & consent to use. - The use of this routine is for Teaching purposes only and does not cover public performances or shows. - No one is allowed to post more than a total of 60 seconds of our choreography anywhere either as a single video or a group of videos. - Anyone found to be teaching or passing off our routines as their own work unlawfully will face legal action and a fine.

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