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Instructor It's Raining Men Routine


Welcome to our routine - It's raining men Choreographed by our Chief Mustang aka Lindsay A group/troupe based routine that can get quite complex to teach especially if your class numbers are more than 10 people. Additional videos have been provided for this. For this routine you will need an umbrella, a coat, a hat and some sun glasses (preferably cheap ones as we will be throwing them) Terms & Conditions of Purchase: - If you are one of our Monthly or yearly License Holders this routine IS included as part of your membership - If you are not a License holder but would like to teach this routine then you will need to pay the price shown which gives you a license to teach THIS routine ONLY. You will only have to pay once for permanent access & consent - The use of this routine is for Teaching purposes only and does not cover performances. Anyone wishing to perform any of our work MUST obtain written consent first. - No one is allowed to post more than a total of 60 seconds of our choreography anywhere either as a single video or a group of videos - Anyone found to be teaching or passing off our routines as their own work unlawfully will face legal action - Lets Burlesque is not required to check that you are suitably trained, qualified or covered to teach our content however we do offer the appropriate training courses should you wish to ensure you are What's Included: All the usual videos plus an extra video for the troupe work

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