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Burlesque Instructor Training

Do you believe in the empowering and confidence building world of Burlesque?

Would you like to build your own community and help people feel more confident in themselves?

Why not train up and become an instructor yourself, AND with 3 very flexible options to choose from NOW is definitely the time to grab this opportunity, before someone else beats you to it.

This Section is to try and offer as much information as possible about our instructor training program, what it consists of, whats included, what choices you have and also answer frequently asked questions. 

Please take the time to read through the page and THEN if you have any further questions please email us OR request a Zoom Q&A session with our company owner and ask your questions in person. Details can be found by
clicking here

With the correct Training Course, Insurances and licenses there is no reason why any of you can't teach Burlesque regardless of what experience you do or don't have. That's what beautiful about this industry.
For this reason we offer 3 types of Instructor training courses to try and cater for everyone.

1 - Online Distant Learning Course
2 - Face to Face classroom based course with pre online learning first
3 - Private 1-2-1 Training 

Full details & Cost of training can be found at the bottom of the page
To see our teach our routines license please click here


Frequently asked Questions

Who can be an instructor?

The answer is short, anyone who genuinely wants to, no previous experience is necessary as our course will teach you everything you need to know to get up and running as a beginner instructor and then the rest comes from experience and practice or you can join our further training courses.

I live outside the UK, can I still do your course and or license with you / teach your routines?

The answer is short, yes.

Our courses and routines are currently delivered in English so as long as that wouldn't present a problem for you, then your location is definitely not an issue for us. With the technology options available nowadays connecting with people across the word is even easier.

What's the training process?

With the training program itself we teach you

  • the basic concepts of being an instructor but not just an instructor a GREAT instructor.

  • We also go through all the health & safety implications,

  • If you are new to teaching we also teach you how to layer and teach routines

  • We talk to you about how to help prevent accidents and injuries & what the standard process is should this occur 

  • We look at the UK legislation you need to know and might not even think of considering.

  • Things that are compulsory to you as an instructor, things that are options based on UK Law & Guidelines

  • Some tips & ideas & best practices on how deliver a fun, sassy and safe class.

  • We teach you about the body and the minimum you need to know for this industry for insurance purposes

  • We teach you about minor health ailments and how they could effect you and how to mange those professionally for insurance purposes

  • We educate you on how and why warm up & Cool downs are essential and

  • We train you on how to put together an effective warm up or cool down.

  • We also give you a routine to learn and go away and teach if you want to as part of consolidating the learning process

Will I have Exams to do after my training ?

  1. If you complete the practical training course or the private 1-2-1 training course then everyone has a practical assessment at the end of the 2 days training.

  2. If you are completing the Online Distant Learning Course then you will have to record yourself teaching a full 60-90 minute class and send us your video submission for marking.

  3. After completing your theory training you will undergo a Q&A module online to demonstrate you have understood the concepts of the Health & Safety and basic foundations of being an instructor.

  4. Once you have completed both the practical & theory training, we then send you your certificate.

  5. You then have 2 options after your training (see below).

  6. During your training you will also be given the opportunity to have chats, emails and support with your appointed trainer so even if you opt for the distant learning course you will not be left unsupported.

What are my options after training ?

  1. Go and set up independently - Whilst you are still welcome to reach out to us for collaboration work, routine exchanges, paid business coaching, class coaching and ongoing burlesque training development you will not have permission to use or teach ANY of our routines, courses or workshops without one of our License options.

  2. License with us - This opportunity offers a range of plans, support & flexibility. You can remain an independent instructor with no ties to lets burlesque and still teach our routines, our workshops and our courses to your customers as long as your license with us is active OR you purchase the single Routine & License.  You can even opt in for our routine exchange or offer routines to our library and be paid for it as part of our business collaboration opportunity. T&C apply if you would like more details on this please head to our - Teach our routines page

How long does the training course take?

Well that depends on you and which course you sign up for as we offer 3 types of courses.

We have had people on the distant learning course complete the whole course in 6 weeks before but generally most people take 2-5 months.

If you book a classroom based Face to Face course then this could delay things depending how long you have to wait for your practical days.

Is there a deadline for completing the training course.?

Yes maximum of 12 months. We ask that you try to complete the course within 6 months of signing up because in todays society things are constantly changing and if you drag the training course out over 6+ months the course could change as does how we operate which means you could have to restart the whole thing again depending on the changes. We would of course monitor this and we do send out checking in emails so if changes are approaching we try to warm you where we can. 

I've already done a course elsewhere - do I need to still do yours to teach your routines ?

If you have previously done a course elsewhere or you do not believe you need any further training then you can still license with us and use our content - full details can be found on our Teach our routines page

Will I get a certificate for completing the course?

Yes as long as you complete the full course


What's the cost of the course?

The distance learning course is just £99.00* and can be started as soon as you have registered and paid

Our Face to Face classroom in person course is £195.00*

Our Private 1-2-1 training course is £495.00*

*All prices are subject to change

To find out full details and to find out what's included click the full details of the packages below.

To find a list of dates & locations for our face to face courses please see list below.


To get started simply select your choice of course below.

If you would like to do a payment plan for our face to face course or our private 1-2-1 course Please email head office who will discuss and set one up for you however the course must be paid in full at least 6 weeks before your practical days are due to allow you time for your pre learning.

Our distant learning course is Pay in Full only.

So what's the difference between the 2 courses (apart from the price of course)


Firstly the price difference is purely to cover the cost of hall hire plus a very small amount for the extra 10-12 hours training time of the trainers. We like to keep our training groups small to ensure everyone really does get the most out of this time.


We find the main purpose and need for the face to face course is those with absolutely no teaching experience and either none or very little Burlesque or dance experience. Therefore they benefit from those extra hours training to really appreciate the key concepts of being an instructor and just how much health and safety is involved as well as having some practice runs of a mock assessment before the real thing.


We find those with previous experience in either dance, fitness or burlesque either from an instructor point of view or dancers point of view find our distant learning course is more than sufficient enough because the course is enhancing and fine tuning what you probably already know.


Your Submissions - With our face to face courses you don't have to complete a video submission because we all do it together in the sessions. So if messing around with technology is not your thing and doing a video submission sounds like a headache then we can take all of that hassle away from you by including it in the practical training sessions.

Cancellations & Refunds?

Should for any reason you change your mind about becoming an instructor you will not be entitled to a refund as your access to our course is immediate. 

You may be able to defer your training  to a later date but this will need to be discussed with head office and a small admin fee may be applicable if accepted.

Is there anything else to pay our for?

not for us no, but once qualified you will need to obtain insurance, first aid etc which is the responsibility of each individual instructor but is covered in modules as part of the learning course to help you understand it all and we even provide you with a discount code.

What opportunities are available to me IF I License with the Lets Burlesque Team?

If you decide to join our License membership then we offer other ways for you to top up your income and work with us as a collaborator.

  • Become a party Host

  • Run ad hoc workshops and events for us or we can come run them for you as a contractor

  • Earn money from our Instructor Bonus Incentive program

  • Your customers can access our routines membership to practice outside of class at at discounted price.

  • Add your additional specialist services to our library

  • Get paid to create routines & workshop content for the brand


So what do I get for my money if I License with you?

  • Your music & Choreography to teach your classes

  • Your license to teach using our brand

  • Tutorial videos & full routine & instructor notes

  • new routines uploaded every 4-6 weeks

  • An app to manage your classes, bookings & customers *

  • Your class listed on our website and all other public domains *

  • admin & overall management support *

  • ongoing team training and class development *

  • Ongoing personal development training *

  • Ongoing Burlesque development training *

  • additional coaching & social media posts & support

* Depending which License package you sign up to.

If you have any further questions you drop us an email via our contact us page OR you can book a 15 minute 1-2-1 Zoom call session with our Company Director HERE

For the private 1-2-1 course & distant learning course, simply sign up, pay and get started immediately.
To join one of our Face to Face courses please check out the list below......
  • March 2024 Face to Face Instructor Training
    March 2024 Face to Face Instructor Training
    Sat, 23 Mar
    23 Mar 2024, 10:30 GMT – 24 Mar 2024, 16:30 GMT
    Lenham, Lenham, Maidstone ME17, UK
    23 Mar 2024, 10:30 GMT – 24 Mar 2024, 16:30 GMT
    Lenham, Lenham, Maidstone ME17, UK
    This course is perfect for those who prefer face to face and hands on training - booking closes 30 days before the course starts to allow you time to learn your assessment routines.
  • June 2024 Face to Face Instructor Training
    June 2024 Face to Face Instructor Training
    Sat, 22 Jun
    Swanley Village
    22 Jun 2024, 10:30 BST – 23 Jun 2024, 16:30 BST
    Swanley Village, Swanley Village, Swanley BR8 7NB, UK
    22 Jun 2024, 10:30 BST – 23 Jun 2024, 16:30 BST
    Swanley Village, Swanley Village, Swanley BR8 7NB, UK
    This course is perfect for those who prefer face to face and hands on training - booking closes 30 days before the course starts to allow you time to learn your assessment routines.
  • October 2024 Face to Face Instructor Training
    October 2024 Face to Face Instructor Training
    Sat, 19 Oct
    Location is TBD
    19 Oct 2024, 10:30 BST – 20 Oct 2024, 16:30 BST
    Location is TBD
    19 Oct 2024, 10:30 BST – 20 Oct 2024, 16:30 BST
    Location is TBD
    This course is perfect for those who prefer face to face and hands on training - booking closes 30 days before the course starts to allow you time to learn your assessment routines.

Here's what our recent instructors have said about our training courses


"What I loved about this Instructor course was I could do the training in the comfort of my own home. I had many video calls with Lindsay so I felt like I had all the support I needed. My assessment was still face to face with Lindsay which I liked because it meant even though I wasn't local to her she took the time to drive to me & I got to meet her in person even though we had spoken on many many occasions"


“What I loved about the Classroom training programme was I could start learning at home and work it around my daytime job and family, I then had some face to face time to enhance and consolidate my learning further and Lindsay was flexible with exam day, so I could do it whilst the kids were at school.”


"I loved the tutorial videos, I felt like everything I needed was covered. I could put them on the background whilst I was folding washing, doing housework and Lindsay checked in regularly to see if I needed help with anything"


"I was so, so grateful for the whole social media training and all the trackers that were provided. I wouldn't say I'm very confident with Social Media other than the normal so this part of the training really helped me look at social media from an advertising point of view with out feeling like I was selling at must have worked because my first routine was FULL"


"What I love about Lindsay is her dedication to us as instructors, her dedication to help us continue to improve our own skills, develop and grow within the company and even express ourselves with creating our own routines (which I got paid for).  With the opportunity to develop into parties & workshops & events I am now earning more now working less hours than I did in a standard Monday to Friday average minimum wage job thank you."

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