Greetings from all the team here at Lets Burlesque

Our Mission Statement Is:

  • To help people across the world remember what beautiful and amazing souls they are.

  • To help people to be able to look in the mirror and see all the positives about themselves

  • To remind people NOT to succumb to media pressures of what the 'perfect' body looks like

  • To inspire and EMPOWER people to be body confident both physically & mentally

  • To create a safe community for people to rediscover themselves  & Express themselves without fear of judgement & criticism

We have taken the physical concept of Fitness
Along with the psychology and beauty of Burlesque 
And disguised it all in a way to encourage your journey to
be sassy, funny, challenging & soul 

We offer the following services as part of our Brand:

  • Instructor Training

  • Weekly Burlesque Inspired Classes

  • Ad hoc Workshops & Events

  • Party & Events bookings

  • Direct & Subcontractor work

  • Dance routines to download and learn

  • Memberships

  • online Courses

  • Face to face courses

  • Personal Development Work

  • Business Training

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Our Story

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Welcome to Lets Burlesque

The place where we are passionate about inspiring and supporting body confidence both mentally and physically.

Head to our Meet the Team section to learn about some more secrets about us all and some of the burdens we bare and secrets we want to share with you to remind you all, that your not alone in life.

So I have been working in the fitness industry since I qualified in 2006

I have done a bit of everything from Aerobics and Gym Instructing right through to Personal Training, Pole Fitness and Self Defence Instruction and now this.

Facing a hysterectomy in April 2018 at the age of 32; what worried me was the literature informing me that after the operation I would likely experience depression and anxiety and question my role as a female.

BUT what surprised me more was whilst I was talking to other women leading up to my operation I was hearing 8/10 women say to me that they felt very negative towards their bodies already without any operations.

Then it hit me a society, we have have become very negative towards ourselves. We have lost the love and appreciation for ourselves and just how much our bodies do for us; and we just don't feel sexy or attractive anymore. We look at all these people on TV, social media, the press and we start comparing ourselves and putting ourselves down.

So that was it, I became a dog with a bone and wanted to find a way to help people (including myself) feel like the fun, sassy, saucy humans we are again  ..... BURLESQUE has given me a new lease of life and passion and appreciation for myself that I now want to share with you all.

What I love about Burlesque, you don’t have to be tall, thin and super flexible. Lets Burlesque is created in a way to show you how to maximise whatever body shape you have and enjoy it.

It really is Sassy, Sexy AND suitable for everyone. It’s about having fun and having some YOU time that you will forget you're even working out.

My advice is don't decide we are not for you or that you cant do Burlesque or you don't have the right body or confidence UNTIL you have at least tried us. who knows you may even LOVE us.

I have been blessed to train and be trained by some amazing people especially women in my career who have lifted and inspired me and that’s what I enjoy most about this industry. Working alongside people who like me truly want to inspire, encourage and support you through what ever journey you are on.


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Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm

Sat: Closed unless arranged appointment

Sun: Closed

We are all usually out teaching classes and hosting parties in the evenings & weekends